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Studio II Project

This is the official blog for my Studio II project. For the next 10 weeks, I intend to model, texture, and render a train, a set of luggage, and a newspaper stand. These assets will be incorporated into my pre existing train station, and they will be rendered on their own turn tables as well. The modelling will be completed in Maya, the texturing will be done in Substance, and it will finally be rendered with Arnold.

For the (current) final renders of the train station, click HERE.

For the 10 week blog of the creation of the train station, click HERE.

Below are a few references for the various assets.

Progress 3/24

I have started work on my modelling. I have begun on the luggage cart and I intend to add the wheels and start the luggage this weekend.

Progress 4/5

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to work for the past week. This has hindered my progress by a great deal, but I am determined to continue forward. I will see this project through despite the difficulties that I am facing. 


I have begun work on the suitcases that will be on the cart. 

Progress 4/7

I have continued work on my modelling. Here is the beginning of a trunk that will be alongside the luggage on the cart.

Progress 4/14

I have continued with my modelling progress. The cases and cart are 98% complete with room for adjusting and error. I plan to move onto UVing so that I can texture this weekend.

Progress 4/19

The objects has been UVed and brought into Substance Painter. Below is the work that I have started on the suitcase. The roughness doesn't appear to be working correctly, so I will have to play around with it more as it currently looks flat.

Progress 4/22

I prepared A short video to show my progress, but it is not something I am at all satisfied with. As you can see the textures, especially on the trunk, are not applying correctly. I believe this to be a result of the UVs and I intend to go and fix them. The textures on the suitcase are not as sharp as I want them to be as well.

Of course, as you can see, I accidently created a key frame that should not exist and it messed up the turntable. I am ashamed that I did not catch that before rendering. ( ; ω ; ) 

Finally, I placed the assets into the original station. I believe it is too far back, but overall I like how it looks within the space.

Progress 4/26

I have separated the top and bottom of the trunk to better suit the model. I then remade the UVs. I will bring them back into Substance Painter in the hopes that this has fixed the problems from before.

Progress 4/28

I have brought the trunk back into Substance Painter with the new UVS. They are working a lot better and I gone with a dirtier look this time. I still need to mask out some of the height on the bars.

Progress 5/5

I have gone into Photoshop and created three stickers. My next step is to put them over the texture for the suitcase and adjust it within Substance for roughness.

Progress 5/7

I have included the stickers onto the suitcase. I have also adjusted elements such as the roughness and adding a warp to the directional lines. My next step is to bring the textures back into Maya and render a turntable.

Progress 5/10

Here is a rough cut of the turntables and breakdowns. As you can see, there is a flickering happening with the trunk that needs to be fixed. I also intend to add small details such as a metal plate on the back of the trunk in order to break up how one toned it currently looks.

Progress 5/17

I added buckles to the suitcase and adjusted the size and location of the cart in the overall scene. I believe that the size is looking more accurate as it was previously too large in proportion to the scene. I only have small, minor adjustments to make now; changing any parts of the textures that I am currently unsatisfied with or even working on the lighting of the overall scene. While I am a fan of the dark, moody lighting, I can acknowledge that the textures on the suitcases are now nearly nonexistent.

Next step will be to make these small adjustments and render out turntables once more.

Progress 5/19

I have solved the flickering problems. I also moved the cart backwards to be slightly closer to the lamp and rendered the (low quality) last frame in order to see that lighting while the lamps are lit. It is slightly more bright, but I worry that it is still to much in the shadows.

Progress 5/24

I worked on adjusting the lighting. Below are two samples. For some reason, the front wheel of the cart does not produce a shadow. I've checked and the cart is placed on the ground, so I am unsure as to what could be causing this.

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